Thursday, July 5, 2012

Interior Design encouraged Brazilian Culture

Building albus plan take our breathing left by a project encouraged by Brazilian culture. Collect about 150 pounds of bananas influence on artistic assortment, a set of vigilantly select pretty essentials create a Latin-inspired home calm.
Cheering this essential visual modernism happening by Carmen Miranda, the plan fashioned by planner ALBUS Design was probable to cover the landlord major artwork and historic assortment the sketch in the fence more than the settee divide the legroom with a painting and the cocoon-shaped statuette.

Plus an exciting anthology of plume art presents all over. Elaborate and silvery torch subsequently to an aged mirror lift the focus previously you got worn to the bananas: Yes, we have bananas to is how we total up this scheme in southern Brazil.

Encouraged in the Brazilian culture and its several influence, this existing room is a model of Brazil’s cultural multiplicity. now as the Brazilian people is a answer of miscege, the making of this breathing was a investigate for the great mix. Henrique voyage by the home owner to New York, Miami and Rio de Janeiro, look for a basically Latin synchronization.”


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